Wednesday Candy: Michael Fassbender in Interview

Happy Hump Day, everyone! This week’s Wednesday Candy is my latest celeb crush, and “the man on fire” – Michael Fassbender. I don’t know about you, but I could stare and stare at this cover for hours. And I actually have. He’s just so…hot. I have to admit that I have quite an…unhealthy…obsession with Fassy. Over the Christmas break, I’ve watched him in Shame, Jane Eyre, Fish Tank, Angel, Centurion…and a little bit of Hunger. Having watched all those films, I am still on a Fass-bender, and this weekend, I’ll probably drag someone to see A Dangerous Method to fuel my obsession.

Anyone else out there with a Fassy problem? Let’s commiserate in the comments.

Photo Credits: Interview Magazine


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    Welcome to the Crazed Fassy Legion. Have been jonesing for him since seeing him in HEX as the fallen angel Azazeal. Really looking forward to seeing Shame at the end of January.

    • says

      Yes! I’ve seen a few YouTube clips of Hex, and I’ve got to say – eyeliner does him good! 😉 And if you still haven’t seen Shame, I really envy you. He is so damn good in it. He’s amazing.

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