What I Wore: Let the Rain Fall Down

You know, funny thing happened as I got older (and presumably, wiser) – I learned that sometimes, it makes sense to dress sensibly. I no longer NEED to wear the highest of heels during the winter months (I’m not in Texas anymore). I have learned (from many mistakes) that leather boots get ruined after just one season of salty slush, while simultaneously failing to provide any kind of warmth – especially, once said salty slush has somehow eaten away at the leather, letting the freezing water sneak its way into my socks. Thanks, but no thanks.

So last winter, I stuck to my Cougar rain boots all winter long. That’s right rubber boots in the winter. It’s true – they aren’t the warmest. But throw in a pair of wool socks, and you’ve got a pair of waterproof winterized boots! This winter, I am planning to wear rain boots a lot, so I figured I should get a dressier pair…and then…

…I saw them. Mel rain boots. Cute as a can be, ankle-length, and comfy to boot! Perfect with dresses, skinny jeans…pretty much anything, really. I don’t ever want to take these off…well, except for when I sleep…maybe.

What about you? What’s your go-to cold weather footwear? Share in the comments. 

I Wore: Coat – Old Navy; Leggings – Target; Rain Boots – Mel (Urban Outfitters); Scarf – H&M; Bag – Prada; Sunglasses – Ray Ban

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4 Responses to “What I Wore: Let the Rain Fall Down”

  • Comment from Dora Sz.

    I’m strongly against rain ankle boots. Finnish old ladies (slim, short white hair, designer glasses) wear them from spring to fall all the time. ugh.
    Your Cougar knee high rain boots look much nicer to my opinion (Dancing in the Rain).
    Now that I start thinking, until 2009 I was wearing the same pair of green martens boots for like 8 years during the winter, and looked like an art student or expunk, never pretty :)
    Now swithched to fetish-looking patent leather knee boots. No salt water could get into them, and easy to wipe off the white marks the salt leaves after drying.

  • Comment from JennC

    Cute! I’ve seen these online…did you buy them in Toronto or ordered them online?

  • Comment from Style Blog


    I was told that they are available online only. But someone told me that they saw them at a Toronto store. Good luck!


  • Comment from Angie

    those are so adorable! i am researching those rainboots and i think that’s the best mel style – so simple with a touch of cute

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia fashion

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