LG Fashion Week: Joe Fresh Spring 2012 Collection

If I had to use one word to describe the Joe Fresh Spring 2012 collection it would be…awesomesauce. Because it was!

I know that I mostly stand alone, when I say that summer is my fave fashion season. Most people prefer fall with its abundant layering possibilities, but for me, especially in mostly fall-less Toronto, summer clothes rule! Which is why, although I loved last season’s Technicolor neoprene coats (which should be available this month btw), my fave Joe Fresh collection to date is Spring-Summer 2012.

So what caught my eye? Almost everything. But especially the honeymoon-appropriate breezy dresses (which I sincerely hope will be available come May – fingers crossed), the fancy pants that I so dearly love, classic black and white essentials with a twist (leather collared white shirt, anyone?), and fun menswear pieces.

Come to think of it, those printed menswear pants and blazers were so damn good, that I actually wish that they’d made similar versions for the ladies. But given the great womenswear selection, I’m not one to complain. I’ll happily take those green and blue printed pants instead, thankyouverymuch.

Overall, I loved the Joe Fresh Spring 2012 collection! Lots of fun pieces to dream about all through this cold and dreary season. And at Joe Fresh prices? You know you’ll be able to buy it all. Off the runway, and into your closet, without having to take out a second mortgage. And that, my friends, is awesomesauce!

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Photo Credits: Jenna Marie Wakani via Toronto Life

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