Beauty: Feather Hair Extensions

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This summer, I got to try the latest hair trend that everyone seemed to be crazy about – feather hair extensions. Though I was initially skeptical, I let the pros from Donato Salon do their magic, and just like that, 5 minutes later, I had a bird in my hair! Ok, not a bird per se…but a couple of fun turquoise feathers peeking out from my mane. My extensions were bonded to my natural hair, and lasted the entire summer – through many washes, cuts, etc…I could even curl them with a curling iron if I wanted to. How awesome is that?

Now that the summer is over, you can still rock those pretty feathers in your hair, but perhaps for the cooler months, it’s best to stick to more subdued colors (I’m think of adding some brownish-yellow feathers to my hair for fall). The cool thing is – you can change-up your look as much or as little as you want. A couple of thin feathers attached to your hair could give a quick and easy update to your do, without having to resort to something as radical as actually coloring your hair. And if you are handy with the tools (or even if you’re not), it’s actually pretty simple to DIY too!

Here are the quick steps to adding some flair to your hair:

1. Place feather extension bead onto your loop tool.

2. Part out at the location at where you want your hair feathers to sit and grab about ten strands of hair and thread through the loop tool. Remember that the feather stem and your strands of hair have to fit through the bead.

3. Slide the bead off of the loop tool onto your hair and hold bead in place very close to scalp.

4. Place your finger under the bead to make room for your feathers.

5. Place stems of hair feathers into bead.

6. Clamp down to flatten bead around feather stems.

7. Gently tug on your feathers, they should not slide off. If the feathers are sliding, clamp harder to assure a tight bead fit.

8. If needed, trim off excess feather stem above bead so it doesn’t poke scalp.

9. Voila! You’re done.

For more info on feather hair extensions, or to buy the necessary tools, check out

Photo Credits: 1 – Vivid Salon Spa; 2 – Feather Hair Extensions; 3 – A Little Girl Talk; 4 – Fashion Toast


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