TIFF 2011: Swarovski Fashion Suite

Ahh, TIFF! Celebs in town, gifting lounges all over the place, and parties, parties, oh, and did I mention PARTIES? Yes, Toronto is the place to be during the first two weeks of September – there’s no doubt about it!

Last week, I met up with my blogger/real-life friend Monica to check out the Swarovski Fashion Suite at the Four Seasons Toronto. Not knowing what to expect, I was stunned by the one-of-a-kind pieces displayed.

Making its one and only Canadian appearance, was the handcrafted Daniel Swarovski Catwalk Collection, which included both clothing and accessories – all of which looked both stunning and unique, adorned with crystals, feathers, sequins, and leather…oh my!

And though, only real stars got shiny baubles to wear on TIFF red carpets, checking out the swanky lounge and oggling the priceless pieces (seriously, these are not for sale) was fun enough for us. Though I would definitely not complain if I had something this glam to wear to TIFF parties!

More photos after the jump!


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