What I Wore: Dot, Dot, Dot

Those of you that follow me on Twitter, already know that Mondays nights are reserved for Bachelor/Bachelorette watching/bitching. It’s my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. Don’t lie, I know you have one too! Anyway, this season of Bachelorette is probably one of the most frustrating/annoying/boring seasons in a while, and somehow I still tune in every Monday. What is wrong with me???

More importantly, what is wrong with ASHLEY? Her constant whining over that douche Bentley leaves me gasping for air…as I simply don’t have enough lung capacity to be screaming at the TV for the entire hour. Sometimes, she says the word “Bentley” 5 times in one minute. If you don’t think that it’s a lot, try playing a drinking game – for every time that dreaded word escapes Ashley’s mouth, take a shot of tequila. By the time the show is over, you’ll be passed out on the floor of your living room.

Anyway…the point is…I hate this show, and everything it stands for…but yet I still tune in week after week. How does it relate to my outfit? Well, it kinda doesn’t. But if you watch The Bachelorette, you know what “dot, dot, dot” stands for…and let’s just say, this post was “inspired” by the “dot, dot, dot”…oh, and also, my shirt has dots on it.

Brain vacay…it’s a thing.

I Wore: Shirt – Forever21; Pants – Gap; Bag – Prada; Shoes – JLo (Winners); Necklace – Balisi


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