Shopping: Levi’s Curve ID

Last week, Johanne of Fashion in Motion and I were whisked away to the magical shopping playground of Yorkdale to try on some jeans from Levi’s Curve ID line, courtesy of Matchstick and Levi Strauss & Co. It was all very Pretty Woman meets Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants…only there were no ladies of the night, and we didn’t have to share the same old pair of jeans…Ok, so maybe it wasn’t exactly like PW or SOTP, but what it was…is awesome!

Thanks to my newfound denim fairy godmother (Yorkdale Levi’s manager Grace), I got measured to find out what type of Curve I am, and though the online quiz  deemed me a Demi, Grace said that I was probably more of a Bold. Based on the fitting, I got to try on a few different styles, both in Bold and in Demi – straight, skinny, skinny boot, and bootcut.

While trying on Bold Curve jeans, I found that, indeed, as Grace stated earlier, my assets (pun intended) popped more. With Bold, I found that the waist was higher and the jeans hugged me in all the right places, while making my “humps” stand out, a la JLo. They fit snug, but not too tight, with no gaping at the waist. 

Demi Curve was more demure on me than the Bold, less in your face, and more relaxed. I found that this fit really flattered my waist, made my legs look longer, while visibly shrinking my thighs. And since these jeans still fit me like a glove, hugging and enhancing in all the right spots, Demi Curve got my stamp of approval. 

Just out of curiosity, I tried to squeeze into a pair of Slight Curve jeans, with mixed results. My behind looked better than ever (in my eyes), but the resounding opinion of our Ya-Ya Denim Sisterhood was that it made my bum look smaller, not rounder. Either way, the waist on the Slight Curve pair was far too low for my liking, and as much as I loved the divine softness of the fabric, I had to let it go. For girls with smaller behinds and a straight figure, however, these would be just perfect. Alas, not for me.

Levi’s Curve ID fit program was specifically designed to enhance women’s figures and curves, not to hide them, with wonderful knowledge that not all women are made the same. And for that, I am sincerely grateful. It might take a while to find that perfect pair of jeans that you know you’ll love forever. But with friendly and knowledgeable service at Levi’s, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t stop by and check out the Curve ID line. And if you’re just too lazy to try on new jeans, here’s an extra incentive for you – the sales guys are super cute and helpful! Now get that gorgeous booty off the couch, and head on over to Levi’s for your very own Custom Fitting now! It might not change your life, but it will certainly change the way you shop for jeans…possibly forever.

If you would like to try Levi’s Curve ID for yourself, head on over to Elle Canada Facebook Page to enter their denim giveaway bonanza! Elle Canada will be giving away 1 pair of jeans daily for 1 month (March 14th-April 12th). Amazing, right? Best of luck, and if you do end up falling in love with Curve ID, make sure to drop me a line!  


  1. says

    LOL you guys are so cute, I love the last picture!

    I totally agree, the first pair fit you the best, the definitely know what they’re doing! What about ladies with NO curves? Can they help a girl like me out? 😛

    • says

      Elaine, you are so funny! Girls with “no curves” would most likely be a Slight Curve. That fit is for straight figures :) You should definitely go in to try those on! I loved the fabric on the Slights!

  2. JennC says

    So Nelia, I owe you a thank you 😀

    Because of me reading your blog and this post, I entered this contest on the Elle Canada Facebook page and won the daily $100 gift card prize today! Haha, I look forward to trying out the new Levi’s Curve ID jeans! <3

  3. says

    Obsessed with these jeans too! And I don’t have curves so the Slight curve jeans are perfect on me! Also, they announced on Facebook that it’s 30% OFF reg priced Levi’s Curve ID jeans this weekend only on plus free ship and returns! Love that!


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