Shopping: All Saints Menswear

Is this what March supposed to feel like? Wet, and rainy, and blah? If so, I’d like to unsubscribe, please. With the weather (sort of) warming up, le boyfriend is looking for a nice spring jacket, without much luck. Nothing is popping enough for him to really like it, and it’s slowly driving me crazy. So when I recently stumbled upon All Saints, I was thanking every saint in the book.

First of all, the site has gorgeous womenswear, which was the first thing I was drawn too (naturally). But when I prodded further, I discovered that their menswear selection is pretty fantastic as well! Finally, some mens jackets with style and substance. Check out their lookbook, featuring some of my fave styles so far. Both the quilted, and the leather jackets are my frontrunners, and it seems that even le boyfriend’s interest is piqued. Fingers crossed.

Have you ever bought anything from All Saints before? Let us know about your experience in the comments!   

Photo Credits: All Saints


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