A Woman’s Right to Boots

Remember that Sex and The City episode called “A Woman’s Right to Shoes”? Carrie goes to a baby-party, Carrie is made to take her shoes off before stepping in, Carrie’s shoes go missing, Carrie is forced to wear the house owner’s ugly tennis shoes, Carrie is shamed for her extravagant taste in shoes by the house owner, Carrie marries self and puts stolen Manolos on gift registry, House owner buys Carrie a wedding gift – replacement of the stolen Manolos.

Whew! That was a lot of “Carries”! But the point is…I lost my boots this weekend, and I am somewhat inconsolable. No, they weren’t Manolos, and no, they weren’t stolen at a party where my so-called friend told me to take them off, and then proceeded to shoe-shame me. They were my favorite (current) pair of camel wedges from Zara that I got on sale last season – but that doesn’t make them any less special.

My boots were in a shoe bag in the back of a ZipCar, and I totally forgot to grab them when we parked. Later on, someone posted a “found” notice on ZipCar’s website, but later on, when le boyfriend and I went back to check on my boots, they were gone. So between the person that found them and us going back to the car, someone who rented the car took my boots with them. And I mean, really…who takes another person’s shoes? Who?

So, the boots still haven’t turned up, and I am left looking for a replacement pair…all that on the heels of my shoe-repairman telling me that it will cost me $60 to fix last year’s favorite over the knee pair. I guess when it rains, it pours.

Have you ever lost your favorite pair and what did you do to cope? Share your stories in the comments.


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    So sad about your boots! :( I can’t believe someone would actually take them. I haven’t lost shoes or boots but I’ve lost some of my fave makeup products on jobs and as a makeup artist that kills! They just somehow mysteriously disappeared!

    I hope that your boots will turn up and if not hopefully you can find another pair that you’ll love just as much!

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