What I Wore: The Baby-Sitters Club

Apparently, babies really like bulky necklaces. And if they get a chance to grab one, they won’t be likely to let go until it’s either off or pried out of their little hands. Same goes with hair. I’ve been learning so much about babies lately, thanks to my little baby nephew and our endless conversations, that consist mostly of “blah blah”, “goo goo”, and lots of funny faces.

Before I met him, I never really was a “baby person”, but I just cannot help but turn into mush every time I see him. I wore this outfit last week to babysit him, and ended up coming home with milk stains on my shirt, and drool on my necklace. Next time, I’m going to wear something printed to camouflage the imprints of his teeny fingers.

What I Wore: Striped Shirt, Denim Shirt – H&M; Jeans – Gap; Shoes – Steve Madden; Necklace, Bag, Cube Ring – Forever21; Sunglasses – Ray Ban; Belt, Ball Ring – The Bay


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    I’m not a baby person, sadly :( I just find them annoying despite their cute noses and round heads. But I hope that’ll change when I have my own 😉

    Love the touch of leopard and yellow in this casual outfit. And I REALLY want your shoes!!

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      Kristy, I was NEVER a baby person myself until I laid eyes on my tiny nephew…now he’s the love of my life…until I get my own 😉 Other people’s babies…still a bit annoyed by them at times, but definitely more tolerated.

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