What I Wore: Cousin Itt

I adore my new Old Navy coat! Have been wanting something “camel” for a while now, and now, thanks to Old Navy Canada, I got it! Have you checked out their coat section lately? I believe most coats are 30% off in stores right now, and the variety is pretty amazing. This one is lightweight, with a removable faux-fur collar, and also comes in black. Most people that have seen it, cannot believe that it’s from Old Navy! But it is, and I love it!

Same day I got the coat, I stopped by H&M and picked up this hat, and circle scarf (at children’s department). I was so happy with my hat purchase, until I took some photos in it. As soon as my mom saw the photos, she could not stop laughing…the scarf + the hat + sunglasses + the hair = Cousin Itt in her mind. Well, I don’t mind if it brings uncontrollable laughter a smile to her face. To me, this coat and this hat scream 70s. Perhaps, I’ll re-think the scarf and the sunglasses next time around.

And speaking of Cousin Itt…have you figured out what to wear for Halloween? I think, I’m going to shop my closet for a costume this year. I can’t stand the sight of those polyester (Sexy Nurse/Cop/Schoolgirl) costumes. Any fun ideas?

What I Wore: Coat – Old Navy (courtesy of Old Navy); Top – Club Monaco; Pants – Forever21; Hat, Scarf – H&M; Bag – Prada; Shoes – Winners; Sunglasses – Ray Ban

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5 Responses to “What I Wore: Cousin Itt”

  • Comment from Justyna

    very pretty! love the collar!

  • Comment from Kristy

    ahhahahahahahahahahahahah :D
    you’ll make cousin itt proud!
    Old Navy has really stepped up their game.
    I’ve been eyeing on their riding pants, but Eaton ran out my size.
    Must check Yorkdale soon!

  • Comment from lisa

    you have forgotten to take out the x-stitching holding the back vent together – and the coat is incredibly creased at the back, which you couldn’t see……but those things are what separates the pros from the amateurs – as a fashion blogger, you should know better!

  • I’m also on a search for a great camel coat, but I’m trying to scope out a vintage one on ebay first. I never would have thought to look at old navy, but it looks great! (Not cousin itt-like at all!)

  • Comment from Style Blog

    Thanks, Lisa! I did notice the stitching after the photos were taken, and it’s now removed. As for the pro vs. amateurs thing, I never said I was a pro. I blog for my own enjoyment, and sometimes things like creases happen – c’est la vie.

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