What I Wore: Unbelt My Heart

These photos were taken a while ago, actually. Back when wearing a jacket wasn’t really necessary, but I did it anyway, because I missed wearing jackets, after an entire jacket-less summer. I got this one from Gap a few years back on sale, and I’ve loved it ever since. Military is, of course, a pretty big trend this fall, but I like this jacket in particular because it fits so damn well, it’s lightweight and comfy, even when I don’t have to wear a jacket. Is that confusing you? Sorry, it’s been a tiring week.

Also, I think this was the first time I ever wore a belt with a jacket. I kinda liked it aesthetically, but it’s the most awkward thing when you have to take off your belt in order to take off your coat inside a sushi restaurant. I mean, it actually felt as if I was taking off my pants, or something. And then, once the belt is off, where do you put it??? Do you just hang it on the back of your chair? Or do what I did, and roll it up in a ball, and stuff it hurriedly into a jacket pocket? I don’t know the rules of jacket+belt wearing, but I do know that perhaps in order to avoid seeming gauche, it’s best to just keep the darned jacket+belt combo on the entire time? What do you think?

What I Wore: Plaid Shirt, Belt – H&M; Long Tank Top – Forever21; Leggings – Aritzia; Boots – Zara; Jacket – Gap; Bag – Prada; Sunglasses – Ray Ban


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