What I Wore: Just a Little Unwell

Actually more than unwell…really, really, really sick. As in snot-fountain-sick…or passing out in front of the tv while still wearing shoes sick. So what’s a girl to do on a Friday night when all her friends are out and about, celebrating the end of another gruelling work week with delicious drinks? Bum around the house, watch Enchanted, and break in her brand new Docs, of course! The rest of the weekend wasn’t as lucid…more like a series of flashbacks, including a trip to Yorkdale, horrible chowder at Red Lobster, and lots of bad movies. How was your weekend?

What I Wore: Shirt, Denim Shorts – H&M; Boots – Dr. Martens (courtesy of Dr. Martens)


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    i was sick too! but i’ve managed to watch the social network last saturday because i thought i wasn’t sick anymore…sigh :( btw, lovin’ the flannel and the DMs :)

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