Friday Faux Pas: Paz De La Huerta

Ok, so perhaps because I’ve been staring at this picture for too long and it hypnotized my brain into thinking it’s not that bad, this outfit doesn’t seem as hideous today as it did to me yesterday. So to settle this Faux Pas or Not debate going on in my head, I’m asking you, loyal Style Blog readers, to decide. Is Paz De La Huerta’s head-to-toe leopard print getup a do or a do-not? Take the poll below.

What do you think about Paz De La Huerta's Animal Instincts?

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  1. emmajap says

    The leopard might be “in” this season, what is a big mistake is the choice of prints. This giant leopard skirt makes her body disproportioned but not in a good way.Also her terrible make up doesn’t help.
    Indeed my eyes are bleeding

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