My Moo

So when Style Blog was just a baby (blog), le boyfriend surprised me with my very own Moo minicards. Back then, I didn’t really know anything about Moo, and the surprise was truly awesome – tiny adorable cards with different images printed on each one. A much better alternative for someone who finds business cards too stuffy.

This time, having run out of my first batch, I ordered Moo myself for the first time…and surprisingly, they have arrived earlier than projected on their site and looking oh-so-lovely! I am super happy that I have my Moo minis before our European getaway, because who knows…I might be invited to a super fun party in Florence or Milan, and meet some very stylish Italians to give my cards to.

So here are my new Moo cards…hope you like ’em! And if you want your very own batch, make sure to check out Moo’s website – super affordable, super cute, and super customizable! What’s not to love?


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