Friday Faux Pas: Taylor Momsen’s Stripper Heels

She’s 16 years old. Taylor Momsen is 16 years old. But just like any other child-celeb before her she now feels the need to “own her sexuality” and do whatever she wants without the pressure of being a role model or whatever. As a result, we have some ratty blonde extensions, see-through negligee dress, and hooker heels complete with a slit for tips. I mean, real stripper heels. Like probably bought at Strippers-R-Us, or wherever else you go to get those type of heels.

Well done, Taylor. No one can look at you and think of that cute little Cindy Lou from Grinch anymore. Way to avoid being typecasted and show everyone that you’re a grown up, mature woman…By the way, is she at all related to the Lohans? It sure looks like it.

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  1. says

    She’s a wreck. I despise her more than I hate Miley Cyrus. Kids these days, hahaha… (God,saying that makes me feel reeeaaalllly old)

  2. Stacee says

    She’s trying to be the next Courtney Love. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize this is 2010…not 1994. What was rock’n’roll and shocking then is simply obnoxious now.


  1. […] Ok, so I probably shouldn’t admit this…but I am a big fan of Lauren Conrad’s style. The girl is always well put-together, chic, and appropriate. And by appropriate, I mean we’ve yet to see her cracked out, in a pair of stripper heels, and a negligee for an outfit…I’m looking at you, Cindy Lou. […]

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