Friday Faux Pas: Lady Gaga

In life, there are a handful of moments that you’ll remember forever: first kiss, first love, high-school graduation, marriage, etc. And when those moments come, I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that being overshadowed by your big sister isn’t something one would appreciate. Gaga, always an artiste and a performer, showed up wearing this to her little sister’s high-school graduation. On a day that was supposed to be not-all-about-Gaga, Gaga made sure that all eyes were on her.

Though the veil seems to be an attempt at hiding her face from onlookers, don’t you think wearing regular makeup and clothes would’ve concealed her among the many attendees much more effectively? Of course it would have, but in that case no-one would’ve paid attention to her.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think Gaga is a talented writer and performer, but some moments in life should not be turned into publicity stunts, especially other people’s important moments. Do you think wearing that outfit was a faux pas, or was Gaga just being Gaga? Let me know in the comments or take the poll below!

Was Lady Gaga wrong to wear THAT to her sister's graduation?

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Sears Modern Shop Opening

I don’t remember the last time I shopped at Sears, mainly due to the lack of any sort of contemporary clothing in their stores. Sure they have Clinique and Lancome counters, but other than that, there’s nothing that makes me want to shop there.

Seems like the Sears people finally realized that something was missing, and as a result, they now have Modern Shop on their main floor! The Shop includes brands like Guess, Kensie, Attitude (which had a pretty great show for Fall 2010 at LGFW), American Apparel, Buffalo, and many others. And to get you to check out their selection, Sears will be offering $20 Sears Gift Cards to the first 50 people to visit Modern Shop (at Toronto Eaton Centre) this Saturday, June 12 at 1:30 pm! All you have to do is say the secret word, and the card is yours. I was advised that this promotion was not mailed to many, thus Style Blog’s readers might have a pretty good chance of taking advantage of this promo. If you’re interested in the Modern Shop, and want to get $20 Sears Gift Card, the secret word is…

Click to find out the secret word!

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Wednesday Candy: Bradley Cooper

The A-Team movie is hitting the theatres this Friday, and Bradley Cooper, along with his co-A-Teamers have been all over the place, promoting the film…and looking hot, while doing it. I don’t know if it’s because of his (assholy) role in The Wedding Crashers, but I never really found “Coop” that attractive. I mean, obviously he’s hot, but he never really did it for me. But after these photos…I think I’ve changed my mind.

That cocky smile, that glint in his eyes, that hair, and, of course, the way he wears his suit…it’s all very sexy. Kinda makes you want to find out what’s under that buttoned-up vest, doesn’t it? Anyway, hope you all are having a great Wednesday! For those that aren’t, take a good look at Bradley and remember, Friday is only a day away!

And if you man is as tall as Bradley…or even taller, check out Mens Clothing at High& for your man or great gift ideas.

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What I Wore: TFC

2010 FIFA World Cup begins in less than 2 days, and though it doesn’t feel like it in Canada, the rest of the world is going crazy with anticipation. And while watching MLS teams is definitely not as exciting as cheering for Team Spain for example, plenty of Torontonians love TFC enough to spend their afternoons at the BMO field.

Actually, it never fails to surprise me how packed the BMO field gets. It’s like a human sea of red, white, and grey…stomping their feet to the “TOR-ONT-OOOO TFC” and “Danny Dichio” chants, chugging their beer, and throwing streamers at the opposing team. Actually, beer and hot-dogs are one of my main attractions, be it TFC, Maple Leafs, or Blue Jays. I’ll go, as long as you promise me some beer and a hot-dog…mmm…such a perfect combination, especially at a testosterone-filled stadium.

Anyway, I wore The Rolling Stones tank with some shorts – it was so hot out! I added a blazer on top for a touch of grey, and, of course, the official TFC scarf. Perfect outfit for an afternoon of yelling at the top of my lungs, enjoying the sun, and cheering for Toronto’s own soccer team. What can be better?

What I Wore: Shorts, Tank, Sunglasses – H&M; Blazer – Zara; Bag – Louis Vuitton; Panda Ring – Forever21; Scarf – Toronto FC; Le boyfriend’s “Mustache” t-shirt – H&M

2010 CFDA Fashion Awards: Noteworthy

Lincoln Center’s 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards are usually a sight for sore eyes of the fashion-obsessed. This year’s event, though brought out some major star power, did not necessarily impress in the style department. Perhaps it’s just me, but a lot of the dresses were “been there worn that”, and majorly lacked the “wow” factor.

But among the bad and the boring, there were a few ladies (and gents) that looked both interesting and stylish.

SJP attended wearing Alexander McQueen. The actress honored the late McQueen with a speech and runway show, so the dress was both an appropriate and a touching gesture.

Two couples (well, Devon and Zac aren’t a couple-couple, but they did walk the carpet together), two gowns, great effort by both. Have been in love with Devon Aoki for the longest time, and I absolutely adore her Posen gown, her man-candy (Zac Posen as an accessory, anyone?), and her makeup. As for Iman, I don’t necessarily love this Giambattista Valli dress – but it’s Iman…and David Bowie is her husband and date. And she snagged the “Fashion Icon” award. Enough said.

This being Fashion Awards, there was no shortage of supermodels in attendance. My personal favorites were Irina Lazareanu in Philip Lim, fellow Canadian Jessica Stam in Yigal Azrouel, and Michael Kors’ favorite Carmen Kass showing off her sexy back.

The two outfits that definitely elicited emotion, were worn by Dree Hemingway (yes, that Hemingway), and Jessica Biel. I don’t know if it’s Dree’s hair accessory, but I am a bit undecided about her CFDA getup…perhaps she should’ve pressed her suit better, before wearing it? As for Biel, I think the fact that I don’t particularly like her as an actress (or her fashion history), is clouding my judgement. I do, in fact, like this citrus-colored DVF dress, and can imagine someone like Nicole Richie rocking it without much criticism…so I think I’ll give this one thumbs-up for effort. Though I still think she’s a crappy actress (Easy Virtue made me want to stab both my eardrums and my eyes out).

So what did you think about 2010 CFDAs? Was your favorite not listed? Let me know in the comments!

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Buy, Keep, or Toss: Romper

Romper is one trend I promised myself to skip. I don’t think it looks flattering on me, and up until recently, I didn’t think it looked good on anyone else. But after seeing a few stylish ladies, rocking some cute rompers last weekend, I am definitely warming up to this trend (late adopter, or what?).

I’ve seen a few nice styles at Forever 21, and Zara, but have yet to find one that fits just right. I really like the romper/dress combo from Forever 21 (above), which sort of reminds me of the skirted bathing suit look, only the romper version, but I haven’t seen it in stores yet. What’s your take on this look? Do you like rompers for the summer? Or should they only be worn by babies and kids?

Thoughts on the romper trend

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H&M Fashion Against AIDS Giveaway

Remember when I went to the H&M Fashion Against AIDS collection pre-launch? Well, that night I bought a necklace to give to one of Style Blog’s readers as a sort of “thank you” for all your support! And what better time to give something away than on my birthday?

This necklace is definitely not for everyone, but if you like it, here’s what you need to do to enter!

1. Leave a comment with your name and a valid email address

2. Join Style Blog’s Facebook group and/or Follow Style Blog on Twitter (do let me know your Twitter/Facebook ID)

3. Winner will be selected randomly (via on June 22, 2010 (contest ends same day)

4. Contest open to all Style Blog readers

5. If you want an extra contest entry, tweet this giveaway and let me know you did it!

6. Good luck, lovelies!


Style Fille: ScarJo vs. Whitney Port

Both MTV Movie Awards and Spike TV Awards were held last weekend, and I missed both. But since, the only thing that really matters are dresses, I don’t mind too much. Both Whitney Port (to MTV) and Scarlett Johansson (to Spike TV) showed up wearing dresses in a similar limey yellow hue, while accessorizing them with taupe shoes/booties. I really love both dresses, and while ScarJo has the star power (Jean Claude Gahd Dam, anyone?), Whitney, in my opinion, has an advantage in the style department. And since I love both looks, I think a poll is in order! Who do you think wins the hue-off this time? Whitney in her Yigal Azrouel mini or Scarlett in the asymmetrical Preen? Vote below!

ScarJo or Whitney?

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Wishlist: Birthday Girl

It’s my birthday next week! Hooray for cake, not-so-hooray for the aging part…

Above is my birthday wish list, in case you want to send me a little something-something. I do love birthday gifts, I won’t lie. And as any shopaholic, the few latest items I’ve been coveting are slightly outrageous…well, not horrendously outrageous, but definitely things that I would not buy myself (oh, and also tough to find, since some of them are a few seasons old). And though there’s obviously no Birthday Santa out there (is there???), it doesn’t hurt to throw it out in the universe and see who hears me, right?

I would also love to hear about your birthday wish-lists! Is there anything that you would really love to get on your birthday, that you would not buy for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Links to items, after the jump!

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What I Wore: A-Maze-ing

Ever since my nephew was born, I’ve been discovering more and more of High Park with every walk we go on. This time, my cousin and I found a Wonderland-esque maze in the middle of High Park! All it was missing was a couple of rose bushes for the card-guards to paint a different color!

I really adore our little walks…though sometimes they aren’t so “little”…at times we end up walking for hours, making it to Lakeshore, and taking a nice stroll down by the lake, while my baby nephew peacefully snoozes in his stroller.

It’s because of him, I have a new shopping addiction – baby clothes! I think I’ve been spending more time in H&M’s baby section, than anywhere else in the store. Who knew that H&M had such adorable baby clothes?! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post any photos of my nephew…otherwise he’d get his own “What He Wore” section on this blog – he is one stylish baby!

Pardon my legs in this picture…I am a klutz and running into furniture is something I do on a daily basis, hence the bruises. Also, somehow most of my outfit that day came from Forever 21, and not from H&M, which might just be a first. Oh, and these photos were taken a week or so ago, hence the nice weather. Hope you have a happy and sunny weekend wherever you are!

P.S. Love, love, love H&M’s new line of nail polish! The only gripe I have is that this color is called “Bella’s Choice”…really, H&M? Did you really have to go there?

P.P.S. My list of obsessions should also include turquoise…too much?

What I Wore: T-shirt, Floral Skirt, Necklace, Feather Ring – Forever21; Turquoise Ring – H&M; Shoes – Zara; Backpack – Chanel