Wednesday Candy: FIFA World Cup 2010 Sexiest Players

World Cup 2010 is in full throttle, and while my beloved Les Bleus are out of the competition, there’s still plenty to be excited about. My number 2 team – Spain has been doing quite well, and so far, my hopes are riding on La Furia Roja, and its hot Spaniards. But the one thing that most girls will likely agree with me on, is that football is not just about the game and winning. Of course, winning is super important, but sometimes a little eye-candy goes a looong way.

After watching a few games, and cringing when girls swoon over that fake-tanned, sun-dried Portuguese beef jerky with drag queen eyebrows – Ronaldo (apologies to all you CR lovers, but it’s just my silly opinion), I couldn’t resist posting my Top 5 Hot Players of World Cup 2010. No, you won’t see Beckham or Ronaldo on this list – they are not my type of man candy. But I would most definitely love to kick it with these hot footballers. Happy Wednesday, lovelies! And share who your fave footballers are in the comments!

1. Iker Casillas – Spain (age 29)

Plays for Real Madrid and Spain’s national team, this talented and hot goalie hasn’t been on my radar for very long, but it looks like he took the number 1 spot from my all-time fave Zizou. My favorite Iker is the scruffy, moody, angry one on the field. Yours?

2. Carlos Vela – Mexico (age 21)

Carlos is the new (hot) face of Hugo Man, and is the only consolation to the France vs. Mexico loss for Les Bleus. Looks great both in a suit and on the field.

3. Yoann Gourcuff – France (age 23)

This cute French midfielder replaced Zidane’s playmaker role on the field. And though he hasn’t proved to be as skillful as Zizou himself, he’s still quite nice to look at.

4. Kaká – Brazil (age 28)

Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite or simply Kaká to his friends and fans is hot, talented, and devoted to his family. He’s also Iker’s teammate at Real Madrid, which makes Real Madrid games eye-candy galore. He’s the face of Armani and Adidas…and have I mentioned that he’s hot?

5. Roque Santa Cruz  – Paraguay (age 28)

There’s no doubt that Paraguay’s national team reached quarter-finals for the first time in their history in part due to striker Roque Santa Cruz’s hotness talent. Next up, his team will be facing Spain, and likely will be sent on their way home to Paraguay…but the moments of Roque’s passionate plays and charismatic smile won’t fade from fan’s minds for a long while.

Photo Credits: Google Images


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