Friday Faux Pas: Lady Gaga

In life, there are a handful of moments that you’ll remember forever: first kiss, first love, high-school graduation, marriage, etc. And when those moments come, I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that being overshadowed by your big sister isn’t something one would appreciate. Gaga, always an artiste and a performer, showed up wearing this to her little sister’s high-school graduation. On a day that was supposed to be not-all-about-Gaga, Gaga made sure that all eyes were on her.

Though the veil seems to be an attempt at hiding her face from onlookers, don’t you think wearing regular makeup and clothes would’ve concealed her among the many attendees much more effectively? Of course it would have, but in that case no-one would’ve paid attention to her.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think Gaga is a talented writer and performer, but some moments in life should not be turned into publicity stunts, especially other people’s important moments. Do you think wearing that outfit was a faux pas, or was Gaga just being Gaga? Let me know in the comments or take the poll below!

Was Lady Gaga wrong to wear THAT to her sister's graduation?

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  1. jo says

    that’s crazy. look at her shoes,they are freaking high and there are NO heels at the back but only a thick platform in the front. PLUS, the freaking chanel Paris-Shanghai Chinese take out box clutch…
    ONLY Her will has this gut to wear things like that.

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