H&M Fashion Against AIDS Collection Launch in Toronto

What’s guaranteed to make a rainy Toronto day better? A party at H&M, of course! Fashion Against AIDS collection launched last night at Toronto’s Queen Street H&M store, and I was super stoked to have been able to get the pieces I’ve been coveting! Among the things I bought last night was the leopard print dress (above), which I love, love, love, the leopard print raincoat (only $4!!!), a few cool tank tops, and a Missoni-inspired tank dress (only$14!!!). I really wanted to buy the zebra-print maxi dress, but unfortunately it didn’t look too flattering on my frame…but if you’ve got the body for it, it’s a must-have for the summer, and ONLY $30!!! The store was packed to the brim, and Bedouin Soundclash performed later in the evening, though I didn’t stick around to hear them play.

The whole collection is very reasonably priced, and most fabrics are natural, which is a must for me in the summer. Too bad tents, chairs, and a few other items were not available in Toronto, they would have came in super handy on my next camping trip! But the leopard print dress was there, and I snatched it up! So proud of myself…will probably wear it to next weekend’s birthday BBQ!

FAA collection is available at Toronto Queen Street location today, and 25% of sales will be donated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects. Cute styles, good cause – what can be better? I can think of one thing…it’d be better to get it for free, wouldn’t it? Well, last night I bought something extra, and I might just send it your way! An FAA-themed giveaway is coming soon…stay tuned.

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