SATC2 Style: London Premiere

I don’t even know where to start with this one…it’s like the Friday Faux Pas bonanza…all in one picture! Can I just say that the oldest woman of the four is looking the best here? Kim Cattral doesn’t disappoint and is looking pretty hot with that hair, and lipstick, and a simple black dress, perhaps a little on the boring side too…but that’s the least of their problems here.

First of all, can we talk about SJP’s hat? Last year she also wore a hat…it was daring, and not the most flattering choice, but it was ok…it was fitting for her character. This time, it’s obviously for the same character, but SJP is no Lady Gaga, and I don’t think she should try to be…and it almost feels like she’s running out of ideas, so out comes the hat. The sleeping bag dress, the black cloud (Lost’s MIB anyone?) hat, and that weird one-boob bodice…adds up to a big fail for me. I’m sorry, but this is no Carrie Bradshaw. You might think that she looks fabulous, and that her headpiece is fashion-forward, but I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a fail on my part.

And then there’s Miranda aka Cynthia Nixon. Why, Cynthia??? WHY? The hair? The g-damn Kate Gosselin extensions? You’re Miranda-freaking-Hobbs, not some washed up reality TV mom. Add to that the crotch stain, and we’re done here. I’m sorry to hate on the Sex and the City four, simply because the show is so near and dear to my heart…but these ladies have stylists, and assistants, and an entourage…Why isn’t someone telling them that they are looking gnarly? Ahh, it breaks my heart, but the London premiere outing is a bit of a big disaster in my opinion.

Oh, and Kristin looks nice, I suppose. A tad boring, but at least her hair is lovely, and there are no visible stains on her dress…

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  1. Shoe Fetish says

    If you look closely you will see that the “crotch stain” isn’t a crotch stain at all but a shadow caused by wind blowing against the dress and pressing it up against her shape wear. If you look at Kim Catrall’s you’ll see the same thing. Now SJP’s dress is on the ridiculous side as well as the hat and yes the extensions are a bit ugly and obvious.

  2. says

    Hahaha completely agree! Gosh what was poor Nixon thinking? Thank god she doesn’t choose her own clothes in the movies!

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