Style Fille: Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City 2 movie is hitting the theatres in exactly one week, and I thought it’d be fitting to showcase Patricia Field’s Carrie Bradshaw’s notable style choices over the 6 seasons of the HBO show…the original show that started it all (not the watered down Peachtree TV crap). It was those outfit choices, the crazy, the brave, and the mind-boggling choices that Carrie paraded season after season, that I am happy to say, made my personal clothing choices a little braver too. And for that, Pat Field, I thank you!

Remember that fur coat? You must remember! Season 1, shopping bags, and a fur coat – that was the beginning of Carrie. And that dress…I remember loving that dress the first time I saw it – when Carrie wore it to a wedding, and Big wouldn’t sign his name on the card…heartless jerk! Oh, and what’s up with those ugly shoes? Those are definitely not timeless.

The striped shirt, the unexpected color of her suit…love it all! 

She wore the outfit on the right, if I am not mistaken, to a party, where she eventually kissed Alanis Morisette…pleather dress, gold boots, and a huge-ass flower…which spawned flower-mania all over North America. 

More flowers and fur. I used to be obsessed with Carrie’s bag collection, and my favorite of them all used to be this Dior saddle bag. She wore this to Aidan’s store to meet him for the first time, right? And who doesn’t associate that large hair bun with Carrie Bradshaw? Signature Carrie up-do.

OMG, those Manolos! One pink, one blue. Way back when, I almost bought two pairs of shoes in different colors to attempt this look, but in the end didn’t want to waste money on two pairs of identical shoes…The look on the right was totally unexpected for Carrie (at least for me) – a little too polished, yet it is one of my all-time fave Carrie outfits – very Jackie O.

Two words: Dolce & Gabbana. Two more words: bejeweled panties. Two more words: fashion roadkill. One word to tie it all together: EPIC.

Oh, and that cropped shirt + pencil skirt + Gucci pouch + sideswept pony look was the reason I shelled out my hard-earned moola on that purse. I so loved this outfit on Carrie…and her long straight hair too…and how she handled Aidan’s passive-aggressive antics. Loved it.

Remember when Carrie and Aidan were engaged, how she refused to wear the ring on her finger? How she hid it among the piles, upon piles of pearls? Just another one of those instances, when warbrobe choices are so telling. And the skirt on the right…it was just so delightfully weird – I desperately wanted one too! I couldn’t find a better photo of it…but the back had feathers/ruffles attached to it…only Carrie.

Yet another warbrobe-envy item…that multicolored striped skirt, I really really liked it. Apparently though, it’s not a skirt – it’s a dress. Another example of Pat Field’s genius.

Carrie running to open the New York Stock Exchange, and Carrie going to the courthouse for jury duty, two more very memorable outfits. She looks so adorable in polka dots and overalls, no? Though I would definitely lose Berger as the accessory.

The stripes she wore to her book launch party, and that tent dress, designed to hide her pregnancy bump – I wasn’t too crazy about these looks, but they stood out in my memory, so I wanted to include them anyway.

Yet another refreshing Carrie choice. Remember that horrid date Charlotte was on, only to join Carrie and Berger on their awful date? The best part of it for me, other than Charlotte’s facial expressions, was the Mickey Mouse t-shirt under Carrie’s cream blazer. Since then, this look has been popping up on different runways through the years (I am looking at you, D&G).

And who can forget the day Carrie landed in Paris? Stripes, hat, pearls and all. A little ridiculous? Yes. Very Carries? You betcha.

A lot of people weren’t too fond of Petrovsky for Carrie…but I must admit…I kinda liked him. Also liked those over-the-knee boots, and her lady-like coat. So pretty!

And last, but not least…the ladybug dress…the one she wore at a Parisian cafe, while sitting next to a grumpy-looking dog, and then one she had one when she stepped in some dog merde too. Metaphor for her time in Paris, perhaps?

I know I skipped a lot of looks, like the “candy-striper”, “the tutu”, the “naked dress”, among others, I just couldn’t fit them all in. What were your fave Carrie looks from the series, and perhaps the ones I’ve missed? Are you excited about yet another movie? Share your thoughts and fond memories of the show in the comments!

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  1. Carolina Salmazo says

    Oooh, I loove your post! Thanks for bringing those memorable outfits back into my mind.

    One outfit that I simply adore is the one right before going to Paris, when she meets the girls for dinner after yelling at big in front of her house. Too bad I can’t find a picture, but it’s a light pink “kind of layered” dress with a white coat.

    Ah! Also… (sorry i can’t stop) The outfit she wore when Petrovsky brought groceries to her house to cook dinner there. The white ruffled skirt. =)

  2. lauermar says

    I liked the striped Paris dress. If you like it, I found it at Neiman Marcus, called the Deauville cashmere dress by Milly, around $358. It’s not the exact dress, but a very close replica.

  3. carrie_fan says

    nice work, though theres a tiny mistake – the outfit with the mickey mouse tshirt – carrie wore it on “the introduction” dinner, when the girls met burger and miranda got feedback from burger that her date was “not that into her”
    anyways satc is great.thanx for posting all those cute outfits!

  4. Sharon says

    does anyone know who designed the dress that Carrie wore at the end of An American Girl in Paris Part 2? The Ballerina type dress, that she wore to go to her party (with her Friench fans, although she didn’t get there on time). It was also the night Alex accidentally slapped her and Big came to bring her back to the US. It is a lovely dress, and I am trying to track down who designed it!! Thanks!

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