What I Wore: Count the Petals

One of my favorite springtime pastimes is…eating lilacs. When I was little, someone…perhaps my mom…told me that if I find a lilac blossom with five petals, I must make a wish and eat it (this was before the hybrid lilacs that could grow up to ten petals). And to this day I can’t pass a lilac shrub without stopping to look for a five-petal blossom among its luckless four-petalled friends. Might sound weird, but my wishes do come true…maybe because I don’t ask lilacs for crazy impossible things, or maybe they are magic!

Thankfully, there were plenty of lilacs blooming at Trinity Bellwoods a couple of weeks ago..! Oh, and I was also able to spot my very favorite flower – lily of the valley. Apparently they are highly poisonous, so please don’t try to eat those.

A couple of other cool things I saw that weekend was The Coffee Shop on Queen St. West (cool squirrel design and an ice-cream window open to the street), and car purses! Just like leather purses shaped as dogs, car purses are on the same level of ridiculous ugliness. Someone actually thought they were a good idea, and manufactured enough to sell all over Toronto, and perhaps other cities? I do not understand. But I guess if you’ve always wanted a Bentley, and could never afford one…now is your chance?

What I Wore: Sunglasses – H&M; Top – Forever 21; Earrings – Stand in Mexico


  1. Zari says

    You will laugh….every time when I see a lilac shrub I stop and look for five-petal blossom:))) If I find it…I make a wish and UUUUUUHHHHH EAT it!!!

    Ti voglio bene bella!!!!!!

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