Spring Fever

As in literally…fever. I am still oh-so-very sick. This weather really played a trick on me, and now I am paying for being so gullible. Posting might not resume at its normal pace for a couple of days, depending on the level of my incapacitation. Being sick really sucks, sorry I can’t come out to play. Enjoy the nice weather and see you soon!

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What I Wore: On Top Of The World

I absolutely LOVE weekend brunch! Which could be one of the reasons why I’m in such a dire need of hitting the gym lately. Last Saturday, my girlfriends and I checked out a new brunch spot on Church St. that served yummy Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast…ahhh…so good (Foodie post is coming soon)! And after the gluttonous, but oh-so-delicious get-together, shopping was in order. So Al and I hit up a few shops for some shoes and office clothing (yeah, we like to live on the edge!). I’d say that shopping was a success, with 2 pairs of Aldo shoes in the bag, some Sephora goodies, a Jacob dress, and a couple of small canvases to paint something for my newborn nephew – probably a baby Tigger!

The weather was somewhat cool, and that was probably why I kept getting hot and cold throughout the day, having to take off my coat, only to put it back on in a few minutes. And now, I am rewarded with a major pain in the butt cold! Well, not literally pain in the butt…more like pain in the throat, head, eyeballs, chest, and everywhere else, including hair! I love spring as much as the next person, but this flip-floping has got to stop! Sounding like a man really doesn’t work well for me. Happy Tuesday, from my couch!

I Wore: Denim Shorts, Striped Shirt, Tights, Scarf, Shoes – H&M; Leopard Coat, Boyfriend Blazer – Zara; Bracelet – The Bay; Earrings – Chanel

Who Wears The Pants?

I’ve never been a Ryan Gosling fan. I do see the appeal, but he just looks too…young for me. But after seeing these photos of him, wearing the shit out of his green pants, I might have to rethink. I mean, that gait – the self-assured way that he walks – oozes sexiness to me. And did I mention the pants? I’ve been sicker than sick today, and this made me feel just a little bit better. Here’s looking forward to more Ryan!

Photo Credits: www.laineygossip.com

Coachella Style 2010

What better occasion to summer-style-watch than at a festival set in the middle of the desert? Year after year, young and hip celebs flock to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to soak up the sun, the booze, and the music. My fave styles this year come courtesy of Whitney Port, in her practical shoes, colorful summery outfits, and not-so-fussy hairstyles. Scroll down for more celebrity photos and let me know which celeb outfit is your favorite…or least favorite.

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What I Wore: Grandma Chic

Last week, in hope of finding High Park’s sakura trees in full bloom, le boyfriend and I set out on a little photo expedition. To our disappointment, however, the blossoms were nowhere to be found…one week too early. Oh well, we had a great day regardless! Sunny days make everyone so happy, including puppies, ducks and grown men. I was also excited to be wearing my new blue dress! Technically, it’s not at all special – it’s just Forever 21, but the thing is that my grandma used to have a dress that looked very similar to this one and it took me a while to actually snatch it up in my size (some techniques involved stalking the store’s hold section, and checking the website obsessively every few minutes).

So yeah, the dress is awesome! I also love the earrings…they are malachite and they actully belonged to my grandmother – only one of the few pieces of her jewelry that I was able to save. Nowadays, I wish my mom had kept more of my grandma’s things, so that instead of buying a “Made in China” dress to invoke memories of my beautiful grandmother, I could actually wear a piece from her own wardrobe. Le sigh. Do you have any special items in your closet that belonged to someone close to you? Share in the comments.

I Wore: Dress – Forever21; Jacket – Arden B; Bag – Zara; Boots – Guess; Earrings – My Grandma’s

Hair Love

Today, I decided to put my hair up and wear it in a milk-maid braid, sort of like this Oscar de la Renta model, except more messy and without a scarf tied in. I really want to learn how to incorporate a ribbon into my braid without ripping out all of my hair in frustration. Perhaps I’ll do it this weekend and will post later on. Any tips would be appreciated. Happy Friday, lovelies!

Photo Credits: www.bellasugar.com

Yorkdale Is Me: People’s Choice Winner

Back in November, around 50 contestants vied to become People’s Choice Winner in a Yorkdale Is Me contest. Ann Dao and her beautiful son Grant won by a landslide, and are now featured front and center on Yorkdale’s new revamped website! The full Yorkdale Is Me campaign will be launched in May, and I cannot wait to see everyone’s photos! This one in particular makes me smile, especially since I recently became an auntie to a gorgeous baby boy. Congrats, Ann Dao and Grant!

Photo Credits: www.yorkdale.com

Liu Wen and Constance Jablonski For Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder’s just announced the addition of Liu Wen and Constance Jablonski to their brand ambassador roster. And though Jablonski is the first French girl to ever land an Estée Lauder campaign, I am mostly excited that the brand signed their first Chinese model to represent them…like ever! Aerin Lauder said, “Estée Lauder has always searched for global beauties that define a generation. Constance and Liu Wen are the beauties of our time. Both models have quickly captured the attention of the fashion and beauty world.”

I am glad that Estée Lauder, the brand that is known for such ambassadors as Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Rhoda, Carolyn Murphy, and Elizabeth Hurley, is finally introducing some diversity to their campaigns. Small step, but one that makes me just a bit more hopeful.

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