Friday Faux Pas: Alexander Wang Fall 2010 Booties

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s Friday Faux Pas is as always up for debate. Now I don’t dislike all of Alexander Wang’s Fall 2010 footwear (adore the Freja style), but I do have a particular not-so-soft spot reserved for his Addison and Constance booties. What in the clown hell is that? Too high, not very flattering, and, well, in my opinion, very ugly! What say you? Are these boots made for walking or for the discount bin?

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4 Responses to “Friday Faux Pas: Alexander Wang Fall 2010 Booties”

  • Comment from Kristy

    super ugly, the heel shape is such a turn off! i never like to begin with anyways :p

  • Comment from Shop T.O. Live

    They do seem bazaar and ugly. I can not picture that being the new ‘thing’. But I also don’t think I’m above being influenced by media – maybe after a year or two of seeing them on every celeb and in every advertisement, the mainstream version might not seem so outrageous (and I’ll prob be dying for a pair then!).

  • I agree – these are horrific! So clunky and just plain ugly.

  • Comment from Marlene

    The boot shape isn’t so bad BUT that heel *CRINGE* is a complete eyesore…

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