LG Fashion Week: Evan Biddell Fall 2010

Project Runway alum Evan Biddell is a creative force to be reckoned with, bringing consistently innovative designs to LG Fashion Week year after year. His Fall 2010 show opened with a black and white short that didn’t make much sense to me, but it did feature an actress that looked eerily like Drew Barrymore – it wasn’t her, but it kept me guessing.

When the models started pouring down the catwalk, they posed at the end of the runway not facing straight to the photog pit, but sideways, which really made sense, since most of his pieces had an architectural feel to them, featuring different textures and shapes (hunchback coat, anyone?). The voluminous jackets, skirts, and pants were paraded down the runway in variations of cork and PVC. The cork pieces were something I’ve never seen done before, and it would’ve been quite cool to touch some of them to see how wearable they actually are…though I don’t think I’d ever sit down in one, out of fear of a wardrobe malfunction.

Other pieces featured graphic prints in colors of acidic rainbow, fringe tops/neck-pieces, metallics, animal print, ruffles, hoodies, and more. I don’t know if all of that really fit into the name of the collection – “Prehistory”, but it sure was interesting to look at. If you are curious about Biddell’s Fall 2010 collection, you can visit his OZ Studios showroom at 134 Ossington Ave in Toronto.

PS. Sorry for the lack of original photos, my seat was way back in the bleachers to have been able to snap anything decent…hence all of my pics have other people’s heads in them…no fun! You can see more photos here.

Photo Credits: Ali Biddell

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