Elle Spain’s Disney Designers

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Karl Lagerfeld fell into some well (ala Enchanted) only to end up in a Disney-animated world? Well, Elle Spain certainly has given it some thought, and the results, I must admit, are pretty cool! Can totally see Donatella as a duck, it’s completely spot on! But then again, most of the designers in the spread are ducks (with the exception of Karl, and D&G). Were the folks at Elle Spain too scared to paint someone as a pig, a cow, or…gasp…an elephant in their April 2010 issue? I would guess so. I, for one, would never want to taste someone like Karl’s wrath! No, thanks!

I think these cartoons are pretty amazing! Do you? Sound off in the comments!

Photo Credits: www.refinery29.com


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