SATC2 Style: Carrie Bradshaw Poster

Please don’t hate me for liking this poster, but I really think, though outrageous, this poster is way better than that disco-ball-Barbie-disaster. Is it practical to tromp around the desert in high heels? No, it’s not. But Sex and the City’s (both movie and show) clothing choices have never been about dressing for reality nor practicality, pushing the boundaries and giving us, regular folk, a chance to marvel at something a bit more out there than what we’re used to instead. And for that reason, I think I like this poster, even if SJP is airbrushed within an inch of her life. May 27th cannot come soon enough!

Photo Credits: TFS


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    My birthday is coming up and i wanna get a dress like Carrie in this phoyo but i cant seem to find it anywhere or wat kind of dress this is, if u do know please help me find this dress it will be great

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