SATC2 Style: Carrie Bradshaw Poster

Please don’t hate me for liking this poster, but I really think, though outrageous, this poster is way better than that disco-ball-Barbie-disaster. Is it practical to tromp around the desert in high heels? No, it’s not. But Sex and the City’s (both movie and show)¬†clothing choices have never been¬†about dressing for reality nor practicality, pushing the boundaries and giving us, regular folk, a chance to marvel at something a bit more out there than what we’re used to instead. And for that reason, I think I like this poster, even if SJP is airbrushed within an inch of her life. May 27th cannot come soon enough!

Photo Credits: TFS


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    My birthday is coming up and i wanna get a dress like Carrie in this phoyo but i cant seem to find it anywhere or wat kind of dress this is, if u do know please help me find this dress it will be great

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