What I’m Wearing: Orange You Glad?

Don’t usually feel this way, but I felt decidedly girlie the other day. Hence the floral skirt, pearl earrings, and bow necklace. I love playing dress-up in my closet once in a while. It used to be way more often (like a few times a day), but now…with all work and no play, dress-up takes a back seat. Which is kinda sad.

Oh, and I bought yet another Breton-striped shirt. I think this is officially a full-blown obsession…I have over 10 very similar striped tops (cropped, tank, tee, long sleeve, long sleeve dress, 3/4 sleeve, and a few others)…and I still have an eye on one more at H&M. Do I need an intervention?

I’m Wearing: Top, Rings, Belt, Tights - H&M; Skirt, Necklace – Forever 21; Cardigan – Zara; Purse – Marc Jacobs; Shoes – Winners

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One Response to “What I’m Wearing: Orange You Glad?”

  • LOL, seems to me we have a similar addiction. I probably have the same 10 striped tees/tanks/dresses from H&M. Plus, throw in a couple from Zara, UO and Joe Fresh. I’m obsessed too!!!

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