To Buy or Not To Buy: Miss Marc Edition

So on my latest Holt Renfrew jaunt, something impossibly adorable caught my eye! A Miss Marc by Marc Jacobs t-shirt, featuring the oftentimes grumpy cartoon character with her boyfriend (?) sitting on a ski lift in full ski gear. Super cute for any fashionable ski/snowboard addict out there, right? But this being Marc by Marc Jacobs, the t-shirt cost $65! Now the question is this…worth it or not so much?

I left the store empty-handed that time, persuaded by my friends that dropping that much money on a cartooney t-shirt (however adorable) was not a smart thing to do. But now, a week later and with a snowboarding trip coming up, I find myself still thinking about my little grumpy Miss Marc. Can’t find an actual photo of that t-shirt, but the photo above should give you an idea. So what say you, lovely readers? Yay or nay?

Update: And here’s the reason why I couldn’t find a photo online for a bit…Mr. and Miss. Marc Ski Lift Tee launched exclusively at Holt Renfrew as the new limited-edition Miss Marc Hearts Canada issue. The Canadian in me says…go get it!

Photo Credits: 1st photo – TFS, 2nd photo – Holt Renfrew


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    Saw this too last week and was so tempted! I left it behind, but that might have had more to do with guilt from other purchases that day than the Miss Marc t-shirt itself. I’m feeling just a twinge of regret now, so I might go back for it…

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