SATC2 Style: Carrie On


I love Sex and the City! Love the women, the outfits, the stories. Or should I say “loved”? As in, I used to love Sex and the City. The first movie was ok. Not horrific, not anything special, just meh. My favorite line from the whole movie is Charlotte’s “I curse the day you were born!”. That one stuck with me. The rest of the movie – not so much. Now the first poster for SATC2 is released and I don’t know what to say. What in the Photoshop hell is that? Is this SIMS: Sex and the City? Because the graphics department really dropped the ball on this one. SJP is photoshopped beyond looking human. And what’s with the disco theme? Should the fab four really have just carried on, and passed on the sequel? A bit too late now, I guess. We’ll find out how good bad it is in May.

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