Holidays 2009: Cute Gift Ideas

gift ideas

I know I’ve been MIA lately, and it’s prime blogging season, what with the shopping frenzy, amazing pre-fall collections, and sales happening practically everywhere! But since blogging is not my main job, and is more of a hobby or a passion, other passions of mine took center stage as of late. Things such as baking and gluttonous devouring of cookies, lusting over Chanel purses and other goodies while Christmas shopping,  slothing on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching my favorite holiday movies…What’s that you say? Those are sins, not passions? Tomayto-Tomahto. So with that in mind, posting will continue at this slowed down eggnoggy rate until the holidays are behind our expanded behinds (I am not the only one eating all those sugar cookies, am I?).

I’m sure most of you are still smack dab in the middle of Christmas shopping, and if you haven’t checked out Urban Outfitters and, then you really should! So many cute, weird, quirky items! From adorable earrings to Russian Doll measuring cups – you can find a perfect gift or a stocking stuffer for that special person on your list! Happy Shopping, lovelies!  

 Item breakdown after the jump! 


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