H&M Magazine December 2009 – Lingerie


Ok, so this might be too much information for some, but most of my undergarments come from H&M. The reason? Their lingerie sets are beautiful and are pretty much designed for the ladies without the bountiful upper deck. Their bras give just enough push and have just the right amount of padding. I was actually very surprised when some of my friends shared that they have never checked out H&M’s lingerie section. I guess that’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think H&M. But having worked at Victoria’s Secret in NYC a few years back, I can attest that the quality of H&M’s garments and their appearance, aren’t that far behind the little nothings of VS.

To me, H&M is a great Toronto alternative to the likes of La Senza (and their sets are much more affordable)! If you still haven’t checked out H&M’s lingerie section, make sure to stop by their Yorkdale and Eaton Centre locations. I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed with their selection. The only bad thing for me is that I can never decide which ones to get, and end up buying a few more than I needed in the first place. But then again, you can never have too much of a good thing!


And lookie here! I guess I am not the only one wearing this menswear cardigan! Perhaps I should try this look next time!


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The Row Spring 2010 Lookbook


The economy is still shaky, and it appears that the Olsen twins are very cognisant of it. Why else would they include painted on tees and socks as part of their The Row lookbook? And it makes sense, doesn’t it? Low on cash? No problem, just paint that shirt with some body paint/mud/markers and you’re good to go!

Love the red leather pencil skirt, but not craving anything else really. Though with different styling a lot of the basic pieces below will surely look much more appealing. Just not with mud and straw. Not for me.



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American Apparel Rummage Sale


Thanks to Joey from American Apparel for letting me know about the American Apparel Toronto Rummage Sale. Sounds like good deals all around, if you are there early enough that is. Nothing priced over $50 is pretty amazing! If you are looking to stock up on some basics, don’t forget to check it out this Friday and Saturday. No cover charge! Don’t forget the padding, it might get rough!

Up to 85% off! No items priced over $50!

590 King St. West [King & Portland]
FRIDAY, November 27th, 2009: 10am – 9pm
SATURDAY, November 28th, 2009: 10am – 9pm
SUNDAY, November 29th, 2009: 10am – 7pm

FREE Admission.
Cash, Credit and Debit accepted



Photo Credits: American Apparel

H&M Menswear Spring 2010 Lookbook

hm mens spring 2010

Spring 2010 lookbook promises skirts, fringe, embellishments, pink scarves, multi-color patterns…No, I’m not talking about womenswear, silly! If you didn’t think that women’s line was anything to write home about, the menswear lookbook is definitely trying to push the envelope. As a newly converted omni-shopper, I look at the H&M Spring 2010 Menswear Lookbook, trying to find pieces wearable by moi. And so far, it’s pretty promising. Loving the colorful scarves, the leather camel-colored jacket is fab, and the feather t-shirt would look awesome with leggings. But the styling of this lookbook is just “meh” for me, but then again…what do I know? Are you loving any of the looks/pieces or is it just too much?

hm mens spring 2010 2

hm mens spring 2010 3

hm mens spring 2010 5

hm mens spring 2010 6

hm mens spring 2010 7

hm mens spring 2010 8

hm mens spring 2010 9

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Foodie: Celestin


I’ve been to Celestin during the holiday season a couple of years ago. I remember that they had the prettiest window display ever! Little Eiffel Towers made of wire hung in the window, inviting the passerby for a cup of coffee. I think they were blue, but I might be wrong. This year the ornaments were not there, but the food was just as good as I remember. As was the coffee.

Celestin is a chic little cafe in the Yonge and Eglinton area, with an authentic French menu. There’s Croque Monsieur, Pain au Chocolat, and omelettes avec salade for brunch, and lamb, canard, escargot, and many more for dinner or lunch. Le boyfriend and I opted for the very French Croque Monsier for moi, and Croque Madame for him. The simple combination of cheese, bread, and ham (and eggs in Madame) might’ve sounded easy-peasy and slightly boring, but au contraire was very tasty and flavorful.

The service and ambiance were also up to par, with our coffee cups refilled often, and the hostess very friendly and apologetic for not seating us right away. A little piece of advice: avoid the wait and make a reservation. We noticed the “Open Table” terminal at the front, which makes online reservations a breeze. All in all, a visit to Celestin was like going back to Paris for a quick bite, without being stuck with the expensive plane ticket. Charming, tasty and chic! But if you want a full French experience, make sure to save some room for desert! La Bamboche pastry shop that sells deeelicious macarons is just a few blocks down the road.



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H&M Spring 2010 Lookbook


Fashion is a funny thing. It’s not even winter yet, and here I am looking forward to all the beautiful spring clothes I’ll be buying soon…ish. H&M Spring 2010 Lookbook has surfaced, and so far so good. There are many pieces that I would be happy to add to my wardrobe (like the jacket above), and a few that perhaps I need to warm up to. Either way, here’s some escapist photos, that will hopefully take your minds off the dreary weather outside your windows and take you to a happy place smack dab in the middle of May. Enjoy!





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What I’m Wearing: Fall-ing


November is almost over, yet the weather is surprisingly mellow and might I even say…warm? And my weekend because of it was just perfect! Brunch at Celestin was deeelicious (Foodie post coming soon), yummy macarons from La Bamboche hit the spot, and November foliage made for a nice Sunday afternoon backdrop.

As for my clothes, I do have a tendency to become obsessed with one item and end up wearing it all the time. This week’s obsession is my H&M Menswear cardigan. Love it so much! It’s cozy and warm, and was much cheaper than a similar cardigan from Womenswear. Plus Boyfriend Blazers are so 2008, it’s all about Boyfriend Cardigans now! Pretty soon le boyfriend will start locking up his clothes. Posts on my new Forever21 Menswear t-shirt and H&M Christmassy sweater are coming soon. Kid’s clothes, menswear, I’ll wear it all…as long as it looks good!




I’m Wearing: Dress, Men’s Sweater, Tights, Faux Fur collar – H&M; Military Blazer – Gap; Bag – Miu Miu; Boots – Guess

Forever21 – Boutique


So it seems that Forever21 is jumping on the Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie bandwagon and releasing a “vintage-inspired” new collection, called Boutique. From a few outfits, modeled by Tennessee Thomas, the drummer of band, The Like, I’m not necessarily dying to see the pieces in stores, but my curiosity is piqued! The heart tights are cute, and the embellished vest/top definitely has potential. Either way, Forever21 prices will surely be affordable enough to get any of the items you like without breaking the already fragile from the holiday shopping bank. Are you excited about this new launch?


Photo Credits: Refinery29

Cazz Giveaway Winner is…


Karen! Thank you all for entering the Cazz Foldable Shoes Giveaway! And while I wish I could give each and every one of you those shoes with the holidays approaching, random.org decided that Karen is the winner this time around! Congrats, Karen! Please email me your snail mail addy, so that I can send the foldable lovelies on their way.

And for those that didn’t win, Style Blog will be having another giveaway pretty soon, so make sure to keep checking back! Happy Monday, everyone!