Rodarte for Target in Vogue

rodarte target2

So more and more Rodarte for Target¬†photos have been popping up lately, but Vogue and Teen Vogue, understandably, got the first dibs for having the pieces as part of their editorials. Ahh…why don’t we have a Target in Canada? I really love Target, it has the best atmosphere for its type of store and they always have cute housewares stuff, as well as other miscellaneous crap that I always end up buying. Can we start a petition please? Bring Topshop and Target to Canada! Yes! Yes, we can! Anyway, my fave is still the leopard print dress on Dakota Fanning below, but the Vogue-featured pieces are also so very cute! The collection launches very soon (December 20th)! Can’t wait to see the rest!

rodarte target

Photo Credits: Vogue & Teen Vogue

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