Yorkdale’s Tiffany Charity Charm Bracelet

tiffany yorkdale

Sorry for being MIA for the last couple of days. Yesterday was Remembrance day here in Canada, so I enjoyed a very nice day off, free of blogging, work, or excessive Internet browsing. Instead, I went to see The Toxic Avenger last night, courtesy of le boyfriend. Still giggling about the barbershop scene. Ahh, you had to be there! Louise Pitre (in roles of Mayor, Nun, and Ma) and Daren A. Herbert (in roles of Black Dude, and a bunch of random characters – my fave was Lamas) were fantastic! I thought that the show wasn’t as good as The Evil Dead: The Musical, but it was funny and fun in its own way. If you live in Toronto, go see it while it’s still running!

But enough blabbing, the main reason for this post is explained in the photo above. Tiffany & Co designed a special Yorkdale Charm Bracelet, which will be sold for $295 at Yorkdale Mall. And the great part is that proceeds from sale will go to SickKids Foundation! Charming idea, no? Quantities are limited, so if you want to do some good, while getting some timeless bling, make sure to check it out at Yorkdale, beginning 9am on November 19th! After all, tis the season of giving!

Photo Credits: www.yorkdale.com



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