Halloween 2009: Marc Jacobs and Bergdorf Windows

mj halloween4

Most of us had come to expect festive holiday displays in various retailers’ windows come Christmas. Well, perhaps because of the scary economy, or just for fun, some stores decked their windows out in something other than “boughs of holly” and brought us these awesome Halloween displays! Whether it’s swampy in NYC, or abstract in San Francisco, Marc Jacobs didn’t lack the creativity and tried to perhaps bring some of the window shoppers into his stores instead. Although to be perfectly honest, I really don’t know whether I would be brave enough to venture into a toxic zombie waste swamp to shop for clothes. Eeek! I do, however, loooove the cow window! It’s got a perfect pop of color and is weird enough to catch my attention as I walk down the street! Wish I was in San Fran to witness it firsthand!

Bergdorf’s windows are also quite stunning, showing various fairy tales with a technological twist. Princess and the PC, anyone? Not as fun as MJ, but visually captivating all the same. So what do you guys think? Do these windows scare you away, or make you want to shop till you drop?


mj halloween

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Marc Jacobs windows in NYC.

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Bergdorf Goodman windows in NYC.




Photo Credits: www.casasugar.com, www.racked.com

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