Alejandro Amenabar in ELLE Spain


Who knew that the director of “Agora” is such a fox? Perhaps, I should’ve saved this post for the Wednesday Candy section, but I just couldn’t wait! Amenabar is featured in ELLE Spain’s October issue, recreating various classic movie scenes and looking good while doing it. I love me some Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany’s! And it really saddens me that the new generation is growing up on such “style icons” as Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. What about Audrey Hepburn and Ingrid Bergman? Would the kids of tomorrow even know who “Bogey” is?




Photo Credits: ELLE España

Mark Fast vs. Erika Kurihara

mark fast

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 is well underway, and there’s already controversy! Both casting director and stylist, Erika Kurihara (also a fashion editor of i-D) quit (or were let go?) after London-based Canadian knitwear designer Mark Fast had decided to use three plus-size models in his show. While Kurihara is known to support diversity on the runway, she did not think that size 12 girls had the “right walk for the show” and shot back at Fast claiming that the designer “had failed to embrace diversity by introducing the larger models because they were all white”. Fast stuck to his guns, and the girls (Haley Morley, Lauren Catterall, and Gwyenth Harrison) worked the runway.

And while, I applaud Fast for supporting size diversity, it seems quite clear to me that his decision to use those models was indeed a bit last-minute. The clothes worn by the girls did not fit them as well, as one would’ve hoped, and neither did the undergarments that they wore, which seemed more suited…well, for the smaller size models. If Fast wanted to show off the beauty of “bigger” girls, he could’ve altered the clothes to fit the models better and gotten the right size underwear for them. Because in this kind of situations, on the runway of all places, size and fit do matter! Especially so, if you are trying to showcase the beauty of all sizes and shapes.

What do you think about this latest controversy at London Fashion Week? Last minute PR or history changing event?

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What I’m Wearing: Denim Shirt

denim shirt

Love H&M so much!!! Was looking everywhere for a light-blue denim button up! Zara had a few, but they just didn’t fit right. This one fits well, and I love the color of the denim and the pearly snap buttons! Got it only a few weeks ago, and already wore it half-to-death. And I guess the true test of whether you really “need” an item is if you can wear it with a million things and don’t ever (or for a few weeks) want to take it off.

SATC2 Style: Carrie and Samantha…SPOILER!


First off, we have Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in this green vintage-looking mini dress, looking…tired, with funny-weird hairdo going on. Hopefully, that’s before hair and makeup. On the positive side…her shoes are H.O.T. Ahh…to have the shoe wardrobe of Carrie Bradshaw = A Dream!

Anyway, moving on to Samantha. Samantha is wearing…something quite unusual…for Samantha Jones. It’s a major plot spoiler, so make sure that you want to know before you click! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

SATC2 SPOILER after the jump!

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Yorkdale is Me Contest


Do you love to shop at Yorkdale? Do you think that you, yourself, are undeniably Yorkdale? If you answered yes to those two questions, you are well on your way to becoming America’s Next Top Model! Just kidding…a star in Yorkdale’s Spring campaign! All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire, answering a few questions, submit a pic of yourself, and hope to win the ultimate VIP shopping experience. But hurry, the deadline to submit your application is October 9th! I submitted mine already!

Each of the ten (10) finalists will receive the ultimate prize package, which includes:

  • A feature role in Yorkdale’s spring 2010 ad campaign
  • Fashion photo shoot with celebrity photographer Chris Nicholls
  • $1,000 Yorkdale gift certificate
  • A 2-hour wardrobe consultation with a member of the Yorkdale Dream Team
  • Toronto Fashion Week sponsor prize package VIP access to the 2010 Spring Toronto Fashion Week shows


  • One (1) “People’s Choice” Winner will have exclusive use of a reserved parking spot for one year in Yorkdale’s Office Tower Parking
  • The nine (9) remaining finalists will receive Valet Parking for one year

More information on the Yorkdale Is Me website!

2009 Emmy Awards: Best Dressed


Did you watch Emmy Awards last night? I have to admit that I did not. Instead, I re-watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, with my ex-crush Orlando Bloom, and my current (and longtime) one Johnny-Sparrow-Depp. When is the next one coming out? I thought they filmed it a while ago, or did I dream it up?

Anyway, Emmy fashion choices really did not impress me this time around. Stale fashions, same old, same old. Lots of black dresses in boring cuts…yawn! In my opinion, the ladies above were the ones that actually stood out from the rest: Chloe Sevigny in an unexpected polka-dotted gown, Leighton Meester in a gorgeous white Grecian dress, Ginnifer Goodwin with her adorable pixie cut, wearing a lucite necklace, and my favorite of the night – Sandra Oh in a gold strapless Marchesa gown, that fit her like a glove! If only I had the same budget as any of those actresses…I would have no problems finding something to wear to the weddings coming up. Sigh…

What I’m Wearing: Dressing for a Wedding


Shopping is fun when you don’t have to shop. It’s fun when you do it on a whim, and go in without a specific item in mind. That’s when it’s most fun for me. Shopping with a purpose – not so much. Have two weddings coming up pretty soon and am in need of two dresses. Wedding shopping = no fun.

Have you noticed that when you are actually looking for something, you can never find it? It’s so annoying! I feel like just a few months ago, stores were overflowing with amazing dresses, and now – all fall and winter clothes! What’s the deal? I get it, I get it…but still…fact is, I can’t wear an amazing suit jacket with (faux) fur trim paired with skinny jeans and ankle boots to a wedding! Can I?

Ok…trying to focus. Here are some pics of dress shopping at BCBG Max Azria. My favorite so far is the cream-colored Grecian-looking dress above. But is the color too close to white? Wedding appropriate or not?





Ladies of TIFF 2009

tiff ladies

With TIFF all wrapped up, and celebs no longer occupying Yorkville, I look back on the two very exciting weeks or parties, movies, and fashions. TIFF is always a “fun before the storm” type of thing…right before the cold weather starts. And this year, the celeb turn out was better than ever! With 4 out 5 guys on my Celeb Five list in town, there was a pretty good chance of me running into them…and 2 out of 4 was not all that bad! And while, I mostly cared about running into Ewan McGregor or Colin Firth, there was a slew of hot ladies in town as well!

I already posted about Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Connelly’s fashion choices for their premieres, now we have the rest of the TIFF ladies that caught my eye this year. Drew Barrymore is shown twice, not because I favor her over the others, but simply because I looove her nails in one pic, and her fab Alexander McQueen dress in the other (although the length is not the most flattering on her, I think she still pulls it off). And even though most did not like her bold hair color choice, to me it’s perfect!

Others include (in case you have problems recognizing them) Natalie Portman (my girl-crush), Jennifer Garner (looking hot for the first time since her second pregnancy), Jennifer Connelly (again, but in a much more flattering outfit), and Robin Wright Penn (soon to be just Wright?), showing that looking good truly is the best revenge!

And while Penelope Cruz is my pick for best-dressed TIFF actress of 2009, I am curious to know what you think? Who was your favorite?

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Mission Impossible: Boot Shopping

zara boots4

If there’s an upside to Fall, it would have to be shopping for Fall clothing. I’ve been boot hunting for a while now, and while I did pick up a pretty nice pair of Over-the-Knee Boots from Guess, I still am searching for that perfect pair of biker boots for my more casual days. And although (my) history shows that I tend to neglect my flat boots, I think this time will be different! Here’s some boots I spotted at Zara recently. Should I get black, brown, grey, or beige biker boots? Studded? With buckles or chains? Suede or leather? So many options…it’s really tough to just pick one! What’s a girl to do?!

zara boots3

zara boots

zara boots2