Vanity Fair Portraits at the ROM


I am super excited about the new Vanity Fair Portraits: Photographs 1913-2008 exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum! It’s about time, ROM people!

“A star-studded array of almost 150 iconic photographs, Vanity Fair Portraits explores a glamorous photographic history of portraiture featuring such legends as Madonna, Tom Cruise, Bette Davis, Ernest Hemingway, Louis Armstrong and Cary Grant and works by master photographers including Mario Testino and Annie Leibovitz.”

Vanity Fair photos are on display from September 26, 2009 to January 3, 2010 (free entry during Nuit Blanche!). See you there!

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Friday Faux Pas: Crocs


The summer is gone and done with…officially. And while it makes me super sad to know that fall is here, one thing about the end of summer is actually quite comforting – no more Croc sightings! This summer, I saw so many of them, that I thought my eyes were going to pack up and move to Paris, where noone wears that ugliness (or at least I haven’t seen any). So in honor of the beginning of fall (and lots of lovely fall footwear), this Friday’s Faux Pas is Crocs…and a Crocs Store…And just in case you thought that no such thing exists…it does! It’s a store full of Crocs…everywhere…just Crocs…….good taste is so dead.

London Fashion Week Favorites


Seems like everywhere you look, nude is in for spring! Here’s a few of my fave looks from the runways of London Fashion Week. It’s not even winter yet, and I am already looking forward to spring. Fashion, don’t you just love it?

Wednesday Candy: Colin Firth

colin firth venice

Saw new photos of Clive Owen yesterday, and almost made him Wednesday Candy for the second week in a row. And then, I read a Lainey Gossip post about Colin Firth. If you love Colin, these two articles are mandatory. You have to read these…you’ll thank me (or Lainey) later. Was not able to watch the clip, in which Colin speaks Italian, but I’m sure it’ll make me drool with adoration.

It’s a bummer that I didn’t get to see him at TIFF this year. He didn’t show to the Dorian Gray premiere, and I missed The Single Man one. The way he wears his suits…it’s like he was made to wear them! The frame, the build – Colin is perfection in suits! And in my books, Colin Firth trumps Tom Ford any day. I’ll take witty over metro every time. What about witty metros, you ask? I prefer my men…manly, thank you very much!

colin venice2

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Anna Wintour Bitchface

anna wintour

Don’t you just love it? Anna Wintour gives the best bitchface ever! She seems to absolutely abhor the seating arrangements at the Twenty8Twelve fashion show in London. Obviously, those two youngsters are not worthy of sharing the same air as La Wintour. And her body language??? She should just hold her nose and this picture would be perfect! Some girls have all the luck!

anna wintour2

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