Wednesday Candy: Clive Owen


To some it’s Brad Pitt, to others it’s Becks. To me…the embodiment of a perfect man, of a man’s man, of a hot and moody man, to me, that man is Clive Owen. Imagine “Closer” without Clive. Not worth watching, right? It’s his attitude, the way he carries himself, and, of course, it’s his voice. Deep, demanding…sexy as hell. Or maybe it’s his stare, a little bit glaring, but…sexy as hell. You get my point.

Was casually walking in full stalker mode in front of Elgin on Tuesday night at the premiere of “The Boys are Back”. What? Not embarrassed at all. I waited to meet Enrique Iglesias for 8 hours when I was sixteen. EIGHT HOURS (and no, I am still not embarrassed). So hanging out by Elgin Theatre, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sexy beast was nothing. And catch a glimpse I did. Many, many glimpses. I would probably be still standing half-paralyzed in front of the theatre today, if the cops didn’t drag me away kicking and screaming. Ok, maybe they didn’t drag me away, but the stupid volunteer-type chick did put her nonmanicured hand in front of my camera (while I wasn’t even in front of the theatre! isn’t it illegal to ask someone to move away from public property?)! I am not a freaking paparazzo, just a loyal and not at all rowdy (on the outside) fan of the man’s work. What in the freaking hell?! All of my fury aside, I did get a few (blurry) pics and a few good looks at his gorgeous smile (more like a smirk). Great success! In your face, power-tripping-volunteer-chick-standing-in-front-of-the-theatre-wearing-purple-boots!

So to cap this off, today’s Wednesday Candy is Clive Owen. Because he is hot!



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