Travel: Paris Window Shopping


I have to admit that despite my looove for clothes, I am not a big shopper during my travels. The last 3 summers in Paris I bought…a silk handmade scarf for my mom, Louis Vuitton coin purse and a speedy strap, an Eiffel Tower keychain, and a bunch of vintage poster reproductions…all mementos of my stay in my favorite city in the whole entire world (well…almost). So these pics are from this summer…practically the only stores I visited on my trip. Sad, I know.

Chanel…no¬†explanation necessary, right? It’s a Parisian must-see. Enough said. LV…we were in it mainly for the free champagne…and The Kooples? If you’re in Paris, absolutely check it out! Loved everything in the store! Wish we had it here in Toronto. Clothes that look like you could share them with your boyfriend, in soft and touchable fabrics. Amazingness!







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