Rad by Rad


Oh my! I am not supposed to be coveting awesome fall pieces just yet! Instead, I should be enjoying summer styles, lack of jackets, lack of layers, etc…But how can I not think about Fall when lookbooks such as Rad by Rad Hourani come out!


Don’t you just love the draping and the slashing? Very tough-grungy-top model chic! The collection for Hourani’s secondary line is cheaper and ranges from $100 to $400. Added bonus is that all pieces are unisex, so if you want to share jeans/jacket/whatever with your boyfriend/husband/best male friend, you can! Obviously only if they are the same size as you! Collection will be available sometime in November here and here. Do you love it or do you love it?


Photo Credits: www.pipeline.refinery29.com


  1. Katie says

    LoVE it! And the price is right. AND he’s Canadian. Wish I could find the collection in Toronto, so I could touch it all…

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