Meeting Scott Schuman

scott schuman

Spent the last hour in a crowded Holts’ showroom, waiting to speak to Scott Schuman. The event was poorly organized, but the wait was well worth it. As much as I respect Scott Schuman – the photographer, much has to be said about Scott Schuman – the man. Handsome, funny, patient, stylish, and kind. He didn’t mind the throngs of fans. He answered every question thoroughly and with thought. He laughed with the audience and cracked jokes. He offered words of advice to amateur photographers and bloggers. And he also was very patient. The room was sweltering and most people, who had short lunch breaks, had to dash right after taking a picture or shaking his hand. Yet he had to stay and did not seem to mind it at all.

The paperback copy of his book was also there and it’s much thicker than I imagined! It’s amazing how he remembers every picture that he took for this book, every single subject. He told funny stories about some people that made the cut, sharing that one of the girls only eats Jelly and one of the women actually works at Holts. His words of advice were “be true”, which is what he said to the reporter’s question on what sets his blog apart from others. He is true and it shows.

Loved meeting him so much! We chatted for a bit about his trip to Venice, and how he just shoots and doesn’t care what it is or whether the settings on his cam are right. All that can be taken care of later, he just takes photos of what feels right. He also shared that he brought his girlfriend (the chic Garance Doré) to tears on a Venetian gondola, because he was such a tough subject to photograph. All told as if talking to a group of old friends. Very, very endearing!

Jo and I ran back to our offices with giddy glee. I don’t think I was this happy to meet Gael Garcia Bernal, and I love Gael! Scott will be at the Drake Hotel later tonight. Not sure if I am going to make it to that party; the crowd will probably be insane! Either way, welcome to Toronto, Mr. Schuman! It was truly a pleasure!

holts sartorialist

The crowd at Holt Renfrew, waiting to meet The Sartorialist.

scott shuman shoe

The Sartorial way to wear shoes.

scott schuman book

Scott Schuman sharing stories about the people in his book.

scott schuman and i

Yours truly with The Sartorialist!

scott schuman toronto

Lots of folks went all out, wearing leopard prints, crazy hats, latest trend shoes and fur…in July.

scott schuman joanna

Joanna and Scott Schuman.

Click to see more pics from the event!

scott schuman security

The security guard that the Sart was super nice to.

scott schuman fan

Katie and Scott Schuman. She didn’t have a camera, so now she’s on this blog.


  1. Daniela J says

    Indeed Mr. Schuman is one of the most amazing people in the industry.
    Oh i definitely understand about the giddy glee u talk about. He makes you feel so chic and important considering who he hangs out with lol
    I like your report on the m&g hope to see the pics soon 😀

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