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petite thuet

I love macarons! Love them! Can eat a million of them at once! Not the North American “macarooooons”, not the ones of the coconut variety (although I find those tasty also)…No, not those! The French macarons are the ones that I love! Those that know me, would know that I am always on the hunt for those little delicious cookie-type pastries. One time, my boyfriend even had his friend spend hours and hours searching for a tiny macaron shop in Montreal, so that she could bring some back for me (thanks, hun!). In short, I love macarons! So imagine my delight, when Jo and I discovered this little gem of a place smack in the middle of Toronto’s financial district! The place that made my heart go pop is called Petite Thuet (apparently named after the chef that makes everything in the shop). Not only do they sell macarons, but the best of charcuterie, paninis, and some amazing-looking (and tasting) French pastries. They also sell Boylan sodas (mmm, Black Cherry!). I think I’m in heaven! The downside is that the place is a little pricey for my usual lunch-run, so I’ll just have to try and pace myself. And even though most of the macarons that they sell aren’t as good as the ones at Moroco, the black currant ones were to die for!

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  1. katherin florio says

    I was in the pastry shop yesterday. Your customer service is lacking in a big way. Although there were three staff members no one welcomed me. Staff are misinformed about your product line. I enquired about a lemon tart, I asked if it was lemon curd. I was told no it’s a lemon meringue tart but there was no meringue.

    Your danish were scorched, and there was a hair on one of them (from the brush used to apply the apricot glaze) I decided to try a croissant which was excellent. The young man put one in a bag and went on to the next customer. I waited until the server was done and then asked for a scone. When I got to the cash the young girl charged me only for the croissant, I’m honest so I informed her that I also have a scone in the bag. Why are they not up selling your product line?

    Then I had to ask for my free coffee. As I was putting cream into my coffee another employee in a suit was complaining to a customer about the pressure of the investors.

    I really do not think you want your customers hearing this sort of thing.

    I wish you luck in your new venture, I will be back to see if things improve.


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