Diane Kruger at the CFDA Awards

Diane Kruger at CFDA

This is why I love Diane Kruger! Presenting at today’s CFDA Awards in NYC, the actress is looking stylish and sexy, showing just the right amount of leg in her little red mini dress. Tres chic!

And this time around I really like Jason Wu’s work! And not just because Michelle Obama picked him to design her inaugural ball gown. Love the shoulders, love the color, love the length! What a fun little dress!

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Mr. and Mrs. Willis


Bruce Willis is not on my Top 5 List. But I do admit that I’ve always found him to be easy on the eyes, his smirk especially. I don’t know if he’s trying to outdo Demi and Ashton in the “whose relationship is hotter” department, but this Steven Klein photo shoot for W Magazine with the new Mr. and Mrs. Willis is all kinds of hot, and maybe just a tad disturbing. The issue promises to show off the couple’s “sizzling chemistry”, and show off it does! Bondage, leather, red gloves, naked-ish Bruce, it’s all there. If their relationship is really this hot, then good for them! Did you know that this man is 54? Wow!

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Rock & Republic Plain Wrap Fall 2009


What do you think about the newly released Rock & Republic Fall 2009 Plain Wrap collection? Everything in this new line is emblazoned with the name of the item in caps, hence T-SHIRT on a plain tee, JACKET on a jacket, etc. The idea here is “basic items with staying power”, according to the founder and creative director Michael Ball. But how much staying power really does a pair of pants with the word PANTS on it has? And even though this collection is definitely not as pricey as the original Rock & Republic brand, I’d rather spend my money on a nice pair of jeans that I’ll wear for a while, than on a novelty item that is supposed to be a “fashionable basic”. But maybe that’s just me. Plain Wrap will be available at Saks and Bloomies come this Fall.

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Fun in the sun


It is the closing of the Luminato Festival and there is fun to be had at Harbourfront all weekend long! From free Cirque Du Soleil performances, to $5 Top Chef menus, it is almost impossible to run out of things to do and see. And we sure didn’t!  Menus for the President’s Choice 1000 Tastes of Toronto ranged from ridiculous (who would pay $5 for 5 pieces of gnocchi???) to delicious (yummy crepes with custard and fruit). The weather was nice and sunny. And Cirque du Soleil show, perhaps not the most impressive, was free and still fun to watch. All in all, a fantastic day!

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Organic Style: Sal


Name: Sal
Style Icon: Kanye West

I don’t know if it’s because of my love of stripes, my love of Wayfarers, or my love of red, but I think Sal here looks very dapper! Love the way he cuffed his jeans and paired them with brown loafers. His navy braided belt complements his red-navy striped sweater very well, and seeing how I spotted him at the Harbourfront, Sal fits right in and looks ready to sail away!

Organic Style: Celeste


Name: Celeste
Style Icon: Agyness Deyn

In my humble opinion, this is how the florals should be worn! Not too girly and not too over the top. Love the way Celeste paired her cute floral mini with a more serious fitted black button down and a matching skinny black belt. She avoided being too matchy-matchy by carrying a camel-colored leather bag. What a great outfit for an almost-summer day!

My little steamer

"Go Mini" Steamer by Joy Mangano

 I don’t know anyone who likes to do chores, with the exception of my friend Lovelys, who apparently looooves doing the dishes. Needless to say, she’s welcome to come by for dinner at my house any time she wants.

Dishes aside, the one household task that I truly dread is ironing my clothes, especially since I usually do a few laundry runs at the same time. The whole idea of pulling out and setting up the awkward ironing board, and then spending precious time trying not to ruin the garment at hand by burning it or ironing the seam tracks into the fabric, just seems…tedious.

That’s where the Joy Mangano mini steamer comes in. Back in my retail days, I worked at Zara, and I used to love the simplicity and usefulness of the steamers that we used to de-wrinkle garments with. This little thing seems to be much more compact, although it does come in a variety of sizes. Judging from the reviews, this gadget does just what it promises to do – “iron” the clothes gently, without the worry of ruining the fabric, or the hassle of the ironing board. Love the compact design of the steamer, and the colors are nice and bright! And at the mere $30 to $40 bucks, I think I’m sold!

My Little Steamer with retractable cord by Joy Mungano

Photo credits: www.hsn.com

I see London, I see France, I see Beckham’s underpants


I don’t know about you, but I think David Beckham is overrated. He might be a good football player, but lookswise he’s just ok. Actually, I don’t find him attractive at all. Way too feminine for my tastes, plus he sounds like Mickey Mouse. So why am I posting this? Because my friend Jo might need a little perk during her study weekend and I’m thoughful like that.

Beckham is still the “face” of Giorgio Armani underwear. And this time, his body, along with the undies he’s promoting, are plastered on top of a 50ft poster that covers a huge section of the Selfridges building in London. Apparently there were lineups, screaming, shouting, and crying at the unveiling.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to wipe off the drool!

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